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Hello everyone,I am Roger and I created this website so I could provide information and products needed to improve your health and fitness .I will offer options on using e-books and getting product information and you can choose what works best for you and your lifestyle.This website will be updated on a daily basis with the most current information.Please take advantage of this website as we all want to be healthier in our future.


Enjoy articles and resources like E-BOOKS on HEALTH and FITNESS to DOGS and CATS  to keep them healthy too! We expand your understanding about food, healthy activity, workout routines, common health issues, and even easy ways to lose weight.

Improving your health today means the longer you have to be with loved ones, travel, play sports, and enjoy life! Health fitness nutrition is critical with so many factors impacting the quality of life. Learn what to do about health choices in many areas, including fitness, exercise, and weight loss. Many questions come to mind when it comes to healthy diet and nutrition. More than anything, what we eat makes a huge difference in good health, meeting weight loss goals, and emotional peace of mind.









The Gallery

Audio And Video

Production & Duplication

Andre Beaudoin I have received great service from The Gallery Recording Studio, 87 Church St., East Hartford CT 06108; Doug Clark, Owner. 860/528-9009 Doug provides audio and video duplication. Doug and his staff will also edit, record, and produce. They serve a number of other speakers I know in the area and have competitive pricing. Give Doug a call if you want more information. He does all levels of work. Today I picked up tapes that he duplicated that I will label and box myself. Last month he produce 250 tapes for me boxed, labeled, designed, printed, inserted the jacket, and shrunk-wrapped each tape. ($2.51 per cassette) He also recently provided me with 1250 copies of my CD for back of the room sales. 3-color silk-screen on the CD, no cases, a buck each. Check him out.

Please  Give Doug A Call Now And Get Quality Work At A low Price


{Located At His New Location} 8 Meadow Drive

Coventry ct.











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